UNIS-USHA was founded in 1982 and it is the only one manufacturer of steel wire ropes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The factory is built with the help of mutual investments of UNIS and Indian company USHA MARTIN INDUSTRIES LTD with the headquarters in Calcutta.
Products are manufactured in accordance with the technology of partner company USHA MARTIN BLACK.
Planned capacity of the factory is 6300 tons of steel wire ropes.
Except the ropes there are products from steel wire ropes-binders for traction and transport of the load as well in the programme of this factory.

Manufacturers of the equipment in production are:

Transfer machines:

  • SNANINI – India
  • NOVKABEL – Novi Sad
  • UMB - India

Machines for rolling :

  • Line 160 – STOLBERGER – Germany
  • Line 200 – STOLBERGER – Germany
  • Line 315 – UMB – India
  • Line 36/315 – USHA – MARTIN BLER

Machine for ropes 8/630 – DE ANGELI – India

Machine for ropes 6/800 – STOLDERBER – Germany

Machine for cutting and welding – SAHM – SASKE.

Machine for wrapping and cutting of ropes – USHA RANCHI – INDIA.

Rope wrapper – SHANINI – INDIA.

Hydraulic press “UMB” - BANGLADORE – INDIA.

UNIS-USHA owns the laboratory for mechanical and chemical investigations with modern equipment.

Manufacturers of the laboratory equipment are:

  • Mechanical machine for tearing wire to Ø5,0 mm – TARNO GROCKI.
  • Hydraulic horizontal tearing machine for testing the real force of rope tearing and nooses toØ 20,0 mm – USHA RANCI – INDIA.
  • Hydraulic horizontal tearing machine for testing the real force of rope tearing and nooses to Ø50,0 mm – SAM.DENISION & SON – England.

Proof for the quality of our products is the certificate for the product received in 1999 from the certificate body of Lloyd’s Register and the certificate for the system quality management, which is awarded in 1988 by Lloyd’s Register QUALITY ASSURANCE (LRQA) FROM London.




Unis-Usha a.d.

Company for the manufacturing of steel wire ropes

Gavrila Principa 26, 73240 Visegrad, RS BiH
Phone: + 387 58 620 851
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E-mail: unisusha@teol.net

Unis-usha d.o.o.

Representative Office in Serbia

Koce Popovica 9, 11000 Belgrade , Serbia
Phone: ++381(0) 11 2182 280
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E-mail: unisusha1@gmail.com