UNIS-USHA builds tradition in quality of our products by what we are recognizable at the market. Our aim is to maintain high quality of the products so that we could keep more solid position and respect on the market.
Special attention is given to demands and expectations of the buyers, demands and expectations we are trying to fulfill using competitive prices.
I am trying to do that using this quality policy: Delivery of the product which fulfills demands and expectations of the buyer as well and which offer security and reliability when applied.
UNIS-USHA manufactures and delivers products which are in accordance with the standards internationally recognized, with minimal expenses and the shortest deadlines.
Every employee in UNIS-USHA is responsible for the quality of his own piece of work , respecting rules and regulations in the documents of Quality Assurance.
Ability, capability and motivation for team work, in which experience and skill of every employee are appreciated and used, is the guarantee of maintenance and promotion of the process quality with the aim to please the user.
Evidence about realization of the quoted policy is the use of the standard system management quality assurance ISO 9001:2000.





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Company for the manufacturing of steel wire ropes

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