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We have tried to present the contents of such fields of enquiry which are directed towards the users of steel wire ropes and their products. Nevertheless we will be glad if all other users of the information and content we have presented find something of particular interest for themselves. By surching the rest of pages from our site you will get introduced in more detail with UNIS-USHA Visegrad as renowned manufacturer of steel wire ropes in this part of Europe.
On this occasion we would like to emphasize that high and stable quality level of our products, amount of funds as well as efficiency in fulfillment of wishes and expectations of our purchasers are strong basis for Your future plans and success which we will with pleasure follow with quality and concrete prices of our products.
This mission is also expressed in motto:

“With us you choose twice: once and forever”

We hope that mutual trust, as the basis of every co-operation, will be the key for our mutual success.

With respect!

MBA in Economics Aleksandar Mandić

Unis-Usha a.d.

Company for the manufacturing of steel wire ropes

Gavrila Principa 26, 73240 Visegrad, RS BiH
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Unis-usha d.o.o.

Representative Office in Serbia

Koce Popovica 9, 11000 Belgrade , Serbia
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