Factory for steel wire ropes production UNIS-USHA from Visegrad is stock company.
The main area of work is the production of steel wire ropes and their products-binders. UNIS-USHA has been working since 1982.
It is built with the help of mutual funds of UNIS and the company from India USHA MARTIN INDUSTRIES LTD., with the headquarters in Calcutta.
Projected capacity is 6300 tons of steel wire ropes of all commercial constructions, dimensions range from 1,25 to 46mm of phosphate and zinc-plated steel wires.
70 eminent experts and qualified workers are employed in the factory.



Unis-Usha a.d.

Company for the manufacturing of steel wire ropes

Gavrila Principa 26, 73240 Visegrad, RS BiH
Phone: + 387 58 620 851
Fax: + 387 58 630 271
E-mail: unisusha@teol.net

Unis-usha d.o.o.

Representative Office in Serbia

Koce Popovica 9, 11000 Belgrade , Serbia
Phone: ++381(0) 11 2182 280
Fax: ++381(0) 11 3283 594
E-mail: unisusha1@gmail.com