The process for following and measuring the buyers' pleasure always starts with listening to them.
UNIS-USHA is directed towards business in market conditions so that it is continuously directed towards listening, understanding and satisfying the needs demands and expectations of the buyers.
      Through the whole process of market exploration, presentation of products to potential buyers, arrangements and plans for co-operation, the company is in continuous contact with the buyer. Regular or periodical visits of the most important buyers, realization of business through monthly situations, objections of the buyers about the process of realization and possible complaints are considered. In addition to these measures of the buyers' pleasure, UNIS-USHA has introduced direct measuring with the help of questionnaires so that we may hear suggestions, objections and possible criticism from the buyers. On the basis of collected indicators of the buyers' pleasure UNIS-USHA improves satisfying their needs and expectations through corrective and preventive measures.







Unis-Usha a.d.

Company for the manufacturing of steel wire ropes

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Unis-usha d.o.o.

Representative Office in Serbia

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